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Janthina janthina


Janthina janthina 
Veilchenschnecke, Floßschnecke 
Family tree:
Animalia (Kingdom) > Mollusca (Phylum) > Gastropoda (Class) > [unassigned] Caenogastropoda (Order) > Epitoniidae (Family) > Janthina (Genus) > janthina (Species) 
Initial determination:
(Linnaeus, ), 1758 
Lord Howe Island, Panama, Gulf of Maine, cosmopolitan species, Uruguay, the Kermadec Islands, Jamaica, Cuba, Venezuela, Columbia, Puerto Rico, Australien, Bermuda, Brasilien, Canada, Fransk Polynesien, Kina, Marshall øerne, Middelhavet, New Zealand, Påskeøen, Pitcairns øgruppen, USA 
Sea depth:
3.1 cm - 3.7 cm 
14°C - 28°C 
Predatory, Jellyfish 
Not suitable for aquarium keeping 
Toxic hazard unknown 
Not evaluated 
Red List:
Not evaluated (NE) 
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2019-09-27 18:43:50 


(Linnaeus, 1758)

Janthina janthina is a small snail. It's shell can be up to 4 cm high and 3 cm broad. The shell is globular, fragile and thin with a dark blueish-purple colouration which is darker at the base. The surface of the shell apears smooth but may possess regular growth lines and irregular spiral grooves, especially at the edge of the last whorl. The shell can be high or low with the last whorl constituting 75-80% of the the height in high shells, and aproximately 90% in low shells (Graham, 1988). The aperture would be 45% and 70% respectively (Graham, 1988). The protoconch (whorls at shell apex formed by the larval snail) axis is slanted. The large aperture is angular with a thin lip and small umbilicus, which is where the outer lip and columella meet.

The head of the violet snail has a long cylindrical snout with a terminal mouth. The tentacles are forked, have no eyes and project half way along its side's. The foot has a broad anterior and tapers to a posterior point. There is a broad depression or funnel at the anterior part of the sole, where the float is secreted. The posterior of the sole has longitudinal grooves. The flesh of this species is deep violet or black and in adults the operculum is absent.

Janithina janthina is the commonest member of the Janthinidae family. This species is ovoviparous where the eggs develop within the females genital tract and later shed as veliger larvae from the left side of the mantle cavity (Graham, 1988). The males are aphallic (no penis) and produce spermatozeugmata that swim to the female and enter the genital tract. Therefore fertilization occurs before the eggs have left the ovary, suggesting the species is a protandrous consecutive hermaphrodite.
Source: EOL

Helix janthina Linnaeus, 1758
Janthina affinis Reeve, 1858
Janthina africana Reeve, 1858
Janthina alba Anton, 1838
Janthina balteata Reeve, 1858
Janthina bicolor O. G. Costa, 1830
Janthina bicolor Menke, 1828
Janthina bicolor var. major Monterosato, 1878
Janthina bicolor var. minor Monterosato, 1878
Janthina britannica Forbes & Hanley, 1853
Janthina carpenteri Mörch, 1860
Janthina carpenteri var. contorta Tryon, 1887
Janthina casta Reeve, 1858
Janthina coeruleata Reeve, 1858
Janthina communis Lamarck, 1822
Janthina contorta Carpenter, 1857
Janthina costae Mörch, 1860
Janthina depressa Reeve, 1858
Janthina fibula Reeve, 1858
Janthina fragilis Lamarck, 1801
Janthina fragilis var. spiraelata Mörch, 1860
Janthina grandis Reeve, 1858
Janthina involuta Reeve, 1858
Janthina orbignyi Mörch, 1860
Janthina penicephela Peron, 1824
Janthina planispirata A. Adams & Reeve, 1848
Janthina roseala Reeve, 1858
Janthina roseola Reeve, 1858
Janthina rotundata Dillwyn, 1840
Janthina smithiae Reeve, 1858
Janthina striulata Carpenter, 1857
Janthina striulata var. contorta Carpenter, 1857
Janthina trochoidea Reeve, 1858
Janthina violacea Röding, 1798
Janthina vulgaris Gray, 1847

Classification: Biota > Animalia (Kingdom) > Mollusca (Phylum) > Gastropoda (Class) > Caenogastropoda (Subclass) > [unassigned] Caenogastropoda (Order) > Epitonioidea (Superfamily) > Janthinidae (Family) > Janthina (Genus) > Janthina janthina (Species)




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